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  • Elio Drive er ny og unik type drivdubb og planskive

    Elio Drive Drivdubb og planskive.

    Elio Drive er ny og unik type drivdubb og planskive. Den er meget enkel og sikker i bruk.

    Drivdubben har tre justerbare spisser med forsenkede hull slik at den kan brukes både som drivdubb og planskive. Enkel montering med morsekon 2. Elio Drivdubb gir utrolig bra feste ved senterdreiing av store emner og emner med barket/ujevn kant. Gir utrolig god og sikker oppspenning. Når du bruker den som planskive kan du nøyaktig sentrere mindre emner ved å bruke senterspissen i midten i kort stilling. Emnet skrus deretter fast med treskruer.

    Størrelse: 2,5”(64mm)



    This wonderful little tool is one of the safest, handiest, and most versatile tools to hit the shelves in quite some time. All three sizes have a #2MT and have three adjustable pins along with three countersunk holes so this drive can be used as a drive or faceplate, and just pops into your lathe. The three adjustable pins account for its versatility and make it ideal for most between-center work such as spindles, large logs, natural edge and regular bowls. For small work that requires attaching a faceplate exactly at the center, just leave the middle pin protruding a small amount to locate the center and then use three #10 or #12 screws to fasten onto your work piece. Now available in three sizes that are black zinc-plated, and can be purchased individually or as a handy set of three. The drive is great for small pieces and ideal for spindle work, the 2.5” is a good all-purpose size, and the 3.5” is a must for larger size logs and natural edge or regular edge bowls. A ‘must have’ item in any turner’s toolkit.

    If you want to buy an Elio drive from other countries than Norway - please send us an email (
    post@verktoyas.no and we will advice a complete price including shipping